the reify subscription:
sell more software

What it is

The Reify Subscription is a packaged consulting service designed to help you define and execute toward your marketing goals, with weekly progress, so you can sell more software.

How it works

As soon as you'll join, we'll start setting goals to track progress and momentum, identifying next actions based on your goals, planning and coordinating excution with the team, and most importantly: shipping, shipping, shipping.

  • Customer personas
  • Messaging frameworks
  • Content marketing
  • OSS Strategy
  • Recruiting and org building
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Content calendars
  • Blog posts
  • Sales decks
  • Customer interviews

features and Pricing

  • Regular meetings to fine-tune strategy and track tactical execution.
  • Guaranteed time to get work done: writing, designing, researching, etc.
  • 20% discount and preferential scheduling for larger projects while subscription is active.

$25k/Quarter (13 weeks)