Messaging Numbers Every Entrepreneur Should Know

by Michael Bernstein on March 09, 2017

Latency numbers every programmer should know” is a legendary (amongst programmers, anyway) list of times that it takes a computer to perform various tasks. Originally created by Peter Norvig and distributed by Jeff Dean, it’s proven to be a pretty important document over the years.

I thought I would build on the tradition of “X Numbers Every Y Should Know” articles by distilling my recent work on messaging down to the essential pieces of writing you need to do to establish your messaging properly:

Supporting examples    90 words (9 examples @ 10 words each)
Elevator pitch         50 words
Positioning statement  35 words
Headline benefits      24 words (3 benefits @ 8 words each)
Mission statement      20 words
Brand pillars          15 words (3 pillars @ 5 words each)
Target audience        15 words
Brand promise          10 words

I know you thought you had more words for these things, but really, you don’t.