We make marketing concrete.

We work exclusively with companies selling technical products. From bootstrapped companies to B-round and beyond - we work with founders, marketing leaders, and nascent marketing teams to tell their best story and generate the most value for their customers and themselves.

"Reify helped us develop a messaging framework that not only enabled us to level up how we communicate with our customers, but was also instrumental in telling the story that resulted in our recent Series A financing. We have a confidence and focus now that we didn't before, thanks to our partnership with Brian and Michael."

- Caleb Hailey, CEO, Sensu

Messaging & Positioning

A good story that resonates with your target audience is the cornerstone of all good marketing. We work with clients to develop a useful and concrete buyer persona so we know who we're selling to. From there, we'll develop a messaging framework with you, which is the foundation of everything we communicate — from homepage copy, on-boarding emails, and everything in between. Here's a peek into our process for persona-driven marketing copy.

"Reify helped us develop the strategies and tactics for Singer, an open source project that integrates with our product. Launching Singer is the most important strategic decision Stitch has ever made, and Reify's advice enabled us to go to market months sooner and achieve far more traction that we originally expected."

- Jake Stein, CEO, Stitch

Pricing & Packaging

No matter what your goals are — market adoption, number of customers, average contract value, monthly recurring revenue — pricing and packaging is essential. We'll pull apart your current pricing, dive into your product roadmap, and spend a lot of time talking to your customers to understand what they are willing to pay. We'll experiment with a few different ways to develop pricing models, and take into consideration how your pricing, product, and market interact. To get a head start on this, check out the videos from our pricing strategy conference with Heavybit.

Company / Product Launch

Launching your company or a new product is incredibly exciting. A well planned and executed launch starts you off right, telling a compelling story that connects with your target audience and earns you new customers. From launch planning, strategy, content development, community development, public relations, and even press releases - while we've helped launch lots of products, every one requires a unique approach.

Go-To-Market Strategy

The best go-to-market strategy for you depends on a lot of things — what stage your company is at, what your goals are, the size of your marketing and sales teams, and how you currently sell your product. We'll work with you to develop a roadmap for the next set of strategic marketing activities that will take you to the next phase of growth.

Product Marketing

You've launched the company and have those crucial early customers — now we need to scale your efforts to build a sustainable and repeatable sales model. We'll work with you to identify the sales collateral you need to help drive sales, and build it for you. We'll develop sales decks, product one-pagers, case studies, email templates, use case documents, and anything else you need to grow.

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