How can we help?

We market what we know — and we know software. We've built marketing teams, grown companies, helped raised funding, and know what #startuplife is like. Long before we started marketing and selling software products, we built them.

Launching a product and growing your business requires a lot of creative and thoughtful work and we're here to help. Here's how:

Messaging & Positioning

First things first — who is your product for? Who is your ideal customer? We'll help you develop a detailed and specific customer persona, so we know exactly who we're aiming to help.

Once we know who our target buyer is, we need to find the best way to communicate the value of our product to them. We'll build a messaging framework to form the foundation of everything we communicate — from homepage copy, on-boarding emails, and everything in between. Here's a peek into our process for persona-driven marketing copy.

Pricing & Packaging

No matter what your goals are — market adoption, number of customers, average contract value, monthly recurring revenue — pricing and packaging is essential.

We'll pull apart your current pricing, dive into your product roadmap, and spend a lot of time talking to your customers to understand what they are willing to pay. We'll experiment with a few different ways to develop pricing models, and take into consideration how your pricing, product, and market interact. If you want to get a head start on this, here's our template for interviewing customers.

We're also available for your Content Development, Open Source Marketing Strategy, Product Marketing and Launch Event needs, and will soon have fancy words about them too.