Introducing Tuneup, a simple app to help with your pricing

by Michael Bernstein on October 12, 2017

We’re very excited to ship the first Reify product

One of our goals when we started Reify was to take advantage of as many of our skills and interests as possible in our day to day work, from writing to coding to speaking and everything inbetween.

Toward that end, I started hacking on an app called Tuneup back in July that was designed to help people think constructively about their pricing and packaging challenges. Today we’re proud to announce that Tuneup is live and ready for you to try out!

Here’s how it looks:

The idea is simple — provide a way for people to provide us with a minimum amount of information to get a maximum amount of value from our pricing expertise. Tuneup isn’t designed to give you all the answers, it’s designed to get your brain going and, admittedly, to get you to talk to us if you need more help with understanding how to position, package, and price your software product in the ever changing and growing B2B software market.

So, give it a shot!

We really need your feedback on this product. Is it useful? What would you change? How can we answer more of your questions? Be in touch and let us know! Try it now!