If It's Not Data Driven, It's Not Marketing

by Michael Bernstein on March 04, 2019

As a marketer who is constantly urging my clients to be more parsimonious with their words, you can understand why a phrase as meaningless as “Data Driven Marketing” bothers me.

In case it’s not clear, and you’re one of the individuals who feels like their is a distinction to be made: I assure you, there is not.

Here is the final word on Data Driven Marketing:

All Marketing Is Data Driven

If you’re “doing Marketing” that is somehow not “Data Driven,” you’re not doing Marketing – you’re just talking.

Proper measurement, and the data that results from it, is the raison d’etre for Marketing. Put another way, for the technical crowd: Marketing without measuring is like coding without shipping. Sure, it’s fun – but it doesn’t pay the bills.